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Critical Massive Adventure is an epic one-day festival and series of artist-led workshops that will explore the fantastic and ephemeral world of storytelling, performance, role playing games, imagination and adventure through the lens of contemporary art.

On August 17th, from 10am to 7pm, Port Hope-based non profit arts organization, Critical Mass: A Centre for Contemporary Art, invites you to enjoy adventure, music, live performance, contemporary art, food, fun. Play D&D, dress up, and be weird in a safe, inclusive space with your friends!

Click on each icon in our legend for more information about what’s happening at the festival, to check out our pre-festival workshops, to register for our epic Community Dungeons & Dragons Tournament, and to contact us if you would like to get involved!

There is most certainly a role for you in our critical massive adventure.

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Critical Mass is a small volunteer run contemporary arts organization based in Port Hope, Ontario.

We believe that art is for everyone and should be accessible.

We believe that artists should be paid a professional wage.

And we believe anyone should have the opportunity to experience the arts and its many benefits such as social inclusion, health and mental wellness.