Huzzah to our Sponsors!

These sponsors are the true heroes of our story! 

And a very special thank you to:

  • Ed Greenwood - Our generous wizard, for so generously creating a special D&D Live Performance for the festival
    & to:

  • Rebel Joy - Our Community D&D Tournament Partners, for creating and coordinating a special one-shot campaign for the festival!

Be a Sponsor

Critical Mass believes that art is for everyone and should be accessible. This is why we work hard to offer arts experiences for our community that are free or low cost.

We are volunteer-run, non profit arts organization and are not publicly funded. We rely on small project grants and help from corporate sponsors like yourself to bring contemporary arts experiences to the community that are inclusive and affordable for all to enjoy.

If you are interested in sponsoring a prize for our Tournament or any giveaways, please contact Debbie at